First off.... I love you. lol

I love ALL people. While I do love my dog, and traveling, most importantly, I love people. I started out in theatre when I was very young, and loved getting laughs or any kind of emotion out of a crowd. I started to enjoy the connection I had with people, and really learned and developed a deep respect for the gamut of emotions we human beings have. When I discovered photography in high school, I became very interested in recording and sharing the way I saw people and the world. I’m a bit of a goofball, I think that shows in a few pictures in my personal portfolio, but being myself around people I really feel people tend to let their guard down. When that happens, when people stop pretending and really show who they are, you have the opportunity to really see a person. My goal when working with people, or anything for that matter, is to really look at their essence, capture it, and then be able to share that beauty with others.Shooting and running Brentwood Photography for more than fifteen years now I have had some great opportunities to work with and become friends with some great people. I like to think of myself as an informal professional. Relaxed enough that you feel comfortable, yet dependable enough to get the job done.
I search for truth in my work and in the beauty in every subject. Whether it is with my wedding clients, family portraits, or anything I do. I love seeking (Sometimes traveling to opposite ends of the earth) beautifully simple - sometimes ridiculous - truth. I think a true photograph transcends ANY cultural barrier. My camera is the tool I use that helps me see the world. It is my way for explaining man to man. I also live above where I work, and once won second place in a corn-dog eating contest. I may be saying too much information here.
Clinton Brentwood Lee